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Апивита: эфирное масло розы в масле жожоба, 10 мл

Апивита: эфирное масло розы в масле жожоба, 10 мл

2470 руб.
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10 мл.

Million year old fossils have proven that the rose has existed over 32 million years. It has passed through history as the “queen of flowers” and has been an inspiration for several fields such as medicine, literature, poetry, art and love. It takes around 30 roses to produce just one drop of rose essential oil, which explains why it is one of the most precious and expensive essential oils in the world.

Beauty: Moisturizes even the driest skin. Acts as an excellent tonic for all skin types.

Body: Helps to improve circulation. Helps treat nausea and bad circulation.

Mind and spirit: Calming, the scent soothes emotional outbreaks related to grief, anger, jealousy and unhappiness. Antidepressant, helps in the treatment of problems due to disappointment or depression. Helps achieve emotional balance.

Use: For psychological, physical and spiritual harmony and to create a warm sensual atmosphere: Add 10 drops of rose essential oil to air diffuser. Ideal facial oil to balance skin moisture levels, tone the skin and smooth expression lines: Massage the face with 20 drops of rose essential oil in 50ml of rosehip or jojoba oil. Ideal for use as a night oil for the face. For emotional balance: Add 2 drops of rose essential oil to a handkerchief and inhale or inhale directly from the bottle. At times of grief or depression: Place a drop of rose essential oil on a corner of your pillow. For postnatal depression: Add 10 drops of rose essential oil to your bathwater.

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