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Апивита: эфирное масло апельсина, 10 мл

Апивита: эфирное масло апельсина, 10 мл

1300 руб.
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10 мл.

For the Chinese, oranges have always symbolized prosperity and good fortune and reference them as “golden apples”. Oranges were always the symbol of innocence and fruitility because of their warm, sweet, vivid scent, which is known for bringing and uplifting energy.

Beauty: Ideal for dry and mature skin. Rich in d-limonele, a powerful antioxidant. Helps in the regeneration of the cells.

Body: Combats cellulite and water retention. Helps to treat the common cold and flu.

Mind and spirit: Invigorating essential oil that helps with the depression and lack of energy. Ideal for reducing anxiety. Ideal for perfectionists and workaholics who suffer from mental strain due to excessive work.

Use: For energy, optimism and enthusiasm: Add 5 drops of orange essential oil to water in the air diffuser. Start your day with energy and strength: Add 1 drop of orange essential oil onto a wet sponge with your daily bath. Ideal for children: Add 2 drops of orange essential oil into bathwater. Room deodorizer: Add 30 drops of orange essential oil to 300ml of water and spray. Night care oil that offers shine and radiance: Add 7 drops of orange essential oil along with 6 drops of geranium essential oil to 50ml of rosehip oil and apply to the face and neck before going to bed.

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