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Апивита: эфирное масло нероли в масле жожоба, 10 мл

Апивита: эфирное масло нероли в масле жожоба, 10 мл

1950 руб.
В корзину

10 мл.

Neroli essential oil comes from the flower of bitter orange tree. The name began in the 16th century when the Italian princess Nerola used the flowers of bitter orange tree to scent her bath and clothes. It was used traditionally to make bridal bouquets, because it was believed to provide a calming action on stressed brides. It is known for its sweet, flowery scent, ideal for relaxing and uplifting the mood.

Beauty: Excellent for all skin types. Ideal for dry skin with a tendency of aging and stretch marks. Helps to rejuvenate skin cells and improves elasticity.

Body: Detox, cellulite, water retention. Muscle pains and rheumatism.

Mind and spirit: Ideal for calming people with an irritable temperament. Raises the spirit, wards off depression, emotional exhaustion and insomnia. Use to feel creative, brave or sensuous.

Use: For a sensual atmosphere: Add 6 drops of neroli essential oil to air diffuser. For stretch marks: Add 10 drops of neroli essential oil to 10ml of rosehip oil and massage into the most problematic areas.

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