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Эфирное масло розовая герань

Эфирное масло розовая герань

2080 руб.
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5 мл

Rose Geranium (pelargonium graveolens). Derived from the flowers of organically-cultivated geranium.

Geranium essential oil is known as the herb of Aphrodite and symbolizes certain female qualities, such as intuition and sensuality. It helps restore emotional balance, removes negative energy, relieves from stress and has an invigorating action. At the same time it is an extraordinary essential oil for face treatment, because it is ideal for all skin types.

Beauty: Leaves the skin smooth and supple. Helps treat the symptoms of lip herpes. Suitable for all skin types.

Body: Enhances poor blood circulation. Helps treat cellulite and retention of fluids.

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